About Us


What does it truly mean to be the best in the business? What do some companies have that others do not, and at what point can you safely say that you are the best in the area. Well, for us, it is our dedication to our customers and equipment that allows us to safely say that we lay title to that claim. For more than 20 years, we have been a part of the local community and offered customers the utmost in carpet cleaning and rug repair in Melbourne.

For us, there is no substitute for quality work and for understanding our customers. We work closely with a number of outlets to ensure that our services are second to none and that our equipment will allow you to get the perfect clean every time. We work with both conventional carpets and fancy Oriental rugs, giving you options on what you want cleaned and with an understanding that it will be cleaned with the utmost in professionalism.

A reputation to uphold

Since our doors opened so many years ago, it has become clear that we are doing something right. We use the latest in customer feedback and the latest in cleaning technology to ensure that each job is done properly. Our online and social media presence is unlike any other and we can insure that you will be part of our growing base of customers that are as dedicated to community as we are. For us, it’s more about community than it is about rugs.