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In the world of Oriental rugs, there are two types of people traditionally, those who have Oriental rugs and those who do not. Those who have been fortunate enough to be able to enjoy Oriental rugs because they have either been passed down through the generations or they have been wealthy enough to afford these expensive room centerpieces. This is how it has always been since there were few places to buy these types of rugs before the Internet.

Well the game has changed and we are a large part of the reason for that. In fact the game has changed quite drastically and now with the Internet being at the center, virtually everyone is able to have a great Oriental rug at a fraction of the price that they once were. It is a simple fact of supply and demand and now that people can buy rugs from all over the world and have them shipped to their door, the prices have gone down dramatically.

There is even more savings

The market for rugs is competitive and we know that because we are also rug collectors. Having searched far and wide for the best deals on rugs we have an entire warehouse full of rugs that we have gotten from all over the world, some of which have been in our possession for years. That means that we have the best supply of new and old rugs from all around the world that we are selling at the absolute lowest prices in the world. We have such a huge supply that we are almost giving them away.

So if you have always wanted an Oriental rug but have never been able to afford one, see our online store and find the perfect, authentic Oriental rug that fits your home an lifestyle for the lowest price in the world.